EV and EVSE incentives Bolzano

Last updated: 7 October 2019

The Bolzano Province provides incentives to buy electric (4,000 EUR) and hybrid plug-in electric producing less than 50 g CO2/km(2,000 EUR) cars. Moreover, for two and three wheelers 30% of the cost is subsidiesed (up to 1000 EUR) and 30% for cargo electric bikes (up to 1500 EUR).


70% of the cost of installation of charging stations whithin private companies is subsidiesed (up to 1000 EUR)


Further, the exemption from annual circulation tax for five years and then 77.5 % (instead of 75 % as for the national policy) reduction of the tax rate.


These incentives can be cumulated with the national ones under the ecobonus.

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