Royal Decree Law 2/2013 on urgent measures in the electricity system

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 2 May 2017

Measures to correct the gaps between the costs of the electricity system and the revenues obtained from the regulated prices, providing stability to the electricity system and reducing the tariff deficit. These include the replacement of the inflation adjustment index for the remuneration of the activities of the electricity industry: all remuneration-updating methods linked to the consumer price index (CPI) will now be linked to harmonized CPI at constant tax rates excluding non-elaborated food products and energy products.

Moreover it modifies Royal Decree 661/2007 as follows: a facility under the special regime could choose between deliver the electricity to the system in exchange for a regulated tariff, or sell the electricity on the electricity generation market with the addition of a premium, and it was possible to change the option with advance notice.

This law eliminates the premium set out for facilities under the special regime that sell their energy in the electricity market (those using CHP, renewable energies sources and wastes). From January 1st, 2013, all facilities will be included in the regulated tariff system. Those which want to remain selling their electricity in the market, can do it, with an advance notice, but will no longer be able to change of option (to a regulated tariff)

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