Renewable Energy Development Strategy in Lao PDR

Source: JOIN IEA/IRENA Policy and Measures Database
Last updated: 21 August 2017

The Reneable Energy Development Strategy in Lao PDR of 2011 aims to encourage the development of renewable energy sources at a national level. The Strategy gives (1) an overview of renewable energy and its potential in the country; (2) lays out strategy and policy; and (3) presents possible implementation measures for RE deployment

The national energy target laid out in the strategy aims to achieve a renewable energy share of:
- 30% in total energy consumption by 2025.
- 10% in total transport energy consumption (using biofuels) by 2025.

Key objectives of the policy are encouraging domestic and foreign investment in renewable energy at the local (village) level to enable a better electricity supply, create socio-economic benefits and sustain an environmentally and socially sustainable development.

Policy priorities are focussed on small power development for self sufficiency and grid connection, biofuels production and marketing, i.e. through financial incentives to investors and by improving law and regulations on renewabel energy. The policy also includes large-scale projects.

Three annexes are also included:
- Annex 1: Potential of Renewable Energy Resources;
- Annex 2: Road Map for implementing up to 2025;
- Annex 3: The role of Line Agencies concern.

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