The Notice on the Establishment of Demonstration Areas for Large-Scale distributed solar PV Power Generation

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 16 April 2021

The Notice mandates provinces to establish demonstration areas for large-scale distributed solar photovoltaic installations in order to further upscale solar generation and utilization in China.

Provinces are obliged to select urban area and create large-scale deployment of solar technologies programme for their territory. The generation capacity of solar installation should fully meet power demand of the selected area. Smart-grid technologies should be encouraged.

The Notice implements standards for subsidy creation for self-generation systems and for net metering mechanism.

Grid companies will be responsible for metering calculation and subsidiary payments.

Each province can establish maximum of three demonstration areas within its territory. Installed generation capacity per province can not exceed more than 500MW of generation capacity from demonstration all demonstration areas combined over a period of next five years (2012 - 2017).

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