The Law About Support the Use of Renewable Energy Sources (amended)

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 12 May 2021
The Law About Support the Use of Renewable Energy Sources was adopted on 4thof July 2009 and than amended in 2013. The amendment entered into force on 12 January 2014 introduced feed-in tariff (FIT) programme, tax relief, grants and outlined rules of land allocation for RES-utilities.
Feed-in tariffs:
The feed-in tariff scheme is targeted at an increase in renewable electricity generation that are in line with the targets from the Green Energy Concept of supplying 3% of electricity by wind and solar in 2020.
Renewable energy power plants are eligible for a guaranteed power prices for 15 years period. The tariffs are as follow:

Renewable source

Eligibility period

Feed-in tariff levels in KZT/kWh


15 years


Solar PV (with Kazakh silicon)


Solar PV (with Kazakh modules)


Hydropower plant


Tax reliefs:

Exemption from customs duties is granted to Kazakhstan legal entities implementing an investment project or a strategic investment project under an investment contract with the MINT;
Land and property tax benefits available for legal entities implementing an investment.

Government in-kind grants:

In the form of land grants: land plots, buildings, structures, machinery and equipment, computing equipment, measuring and control instruments and devices, vehicles (except cars), production and other tools;
Provided for temporary free of charge use or ownership;
The grant value cannot exceed 30% of the investment value.