ecoENERGY for Equipment

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The ecoENERGY for Equipment programme is focused on accelerating the introduction of energy efficient products in Canadas equipment stock by implementing minimum energy efficiency performance standards that restrict the import and inter-provincial shipment of the least efficient products for sale in Canada, and deploying initiatives to increase the market share of more efficient products. The ecoENERGY for Equipment programme also supports labelling programmes that encourage the introduction of more efficient technologies. This involves the establishment and promotion of high efficiency performance criteria such as ENERGY STAR and the engagement of stakeholders to promote products that meet these criteria. As products are adopted through the market, the ENERGY STAR or equivalent performance levels will become the basis for new, more stringent standards. In addition, ecoENERGY for Equipment maintains a multi-layered compliance and enforcement programme to ensure that products meet prescribed standards and to ensure that other regulatory requirements, such as labelling, are met. A companion programme, the Accelerated Standards Action Program (ASAP), will set the stage for the future enhancement of appliance and equipment standards by providing marketing and product certification assistance to encourage the purchase of "best in class" products.