Law No. 2009-7

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Air conditioners with a power consumption below 12 kW , Since September 2004, Tunisian law requires the display of an EU-style energy label (with eight classes, the top one representing the recently added EU A+ and A++ classes) in a bilingual version (French and Arabic, and the numbers 1-8 indicating classes instead of letters). From July 2006 onwards, the lowest two energy classes (7 and 8) have been banned from the Tunisian market, followed in July 2007 with the banning of classes 5 and 6, from April 2009 class 4 has been likewise banned from the Tunisian market. air cooled, split and mutlti-split type

cooling mode: EER(2004)2.20 EER(2006)2.40 EER(2007)2.80 EER(2009)3.00

heating mode: EER(2004)2.4 EER(2006)2.6 EER(2007)3.2 EER(2009)3.4 air cooled, packaged

cooling mode: EER(2004)2.00 EER(2006)2.20 EER(2007)2.60 EER(2009)2.80

heating mode: EER(2004)2.20 EER(2006)2.40 EER(2007)3.00 EER(2009)3.20 Single-duct

cooling mode: EER(2004)1.60 EER(2006)1.80 EER(2007)2.20 EER(2009)2.40

heating mode: EER(2004)1.80 EER(2006)2.10 EER(2007)2.60 EER(2009)2.80 Water-cooled, split and mutlti-split

cooling mode: EER(2004)2.20 EER(2006)2.50 EER(2007)3.10 EER(2009)3.30

heating mode: EER(2004)2.50 EER(2006)2.80 EER(2007)3.40 EER(2009)3.70 Water-cooled, packaged

cooling mode: EER(2004)2.90 EER(2006)3.20 EER(2007)3.80 EER(2009)4.10

heating mode: EER(2004)3.20 EER(2006)3.50 EER(2007)4.10 EER(2009)4.40
Policy types
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  • Minimum energy performance standard
  • Buildings
  • Residential
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  • Building systems
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  • Building systems
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