Aid Program for the energy renovation of General State Administration buildings and infrastructures (FEDER -POCS 2014-2020)

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The General State Administration, through the Directorate-General of European Funds of the Ministry of the Tax Administration and Civil Service, has drafted the Sustainable Growth OP 2014-2020 (POCS), which has been approved by the implementing commission decision C(2015) 5220 of July 22, 2015. The POCS has allotted approximately €2100M of FEDER assistance, 38.2% of the Program, to the axis Low Carbon Economy. This sum is intended to be managed by the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE) as an intermediary organism for the actions in this axis. Moreover, the POCS establishes that part of the provision for this axis shall be allotted to projects that allow for the transition to a low-carbon economy in the field of the General State Administration, and the IDAE shall be charged with selecting the projects and assigning the appropriate assistance in this field. In line with the above, a call for aids geared towards the execution of energy-related renovations in buildings and infrastructure of the General Administration was approved. The available budget amounts to 95.181.546,36 €. Those entities that benefit from the program may be the different departments of the General State Administration, its organisms and dependent or related public bodies whenever they do not carry out any commercial or mercantile activities and they are the owners or operators of the buildings or infrastructure for which the assistance is requested to carry out energy renovations. The actions must fall within one of the following categories: Complete building energy renovations; Partial building renovations; actions to improve the energy efficiency of infrastructure other than buildings; actions to improve the energy efficiency of indoor lighting facilities.

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