Public Procurement Rules for Federal Administrations and Public Services

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Belgian Federal government subscribes to the goal of the European Council and the European commission of 50% sustainable procurement procedures for all federal public procurements. Sustainable procurement procedures are compliant with the instructions given in the federal circulars concerning sustainable public procurement. There is a guide for public procurement of supplies and services available for the contracting authorities of the Federal Public Services. In this guide voluntary guidelines and technical requirements are included to promote and improve energy efficiency.
Brussels Capital region
Since 2009, the Brussels Government has taken measures to include ecological and sustainable development criteria in its procurement contracts. These measures are mandatory for the regional public administrations and optional for the municipal public administrations.
Standard specifications, a help desk and a central sustainable procurement office have been put in place for these administrations. The COBRACE recently increased the list of criteria which have to be included in public purchases, such as the energy performance of buildings.

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