(Alberta) Renewing Alberta’s Mineral Future

Last updated: 29 July 2022

Renewing Alberta's Mineral Future is a strategy and action plan outline aimed to sustainably develop the mineral industry in the province, notably regarding critical minerals (e.g. lithium, uranium, vandanium, nickel and rare earth elements). The plan has been developed as a part of Alberta’s Recovery Plan. It is incorporated in the national framework of Canada’s Minerals and Metals Plan, and is developed to fit the Canada-US Joint Action Plan on Critical Minerals Collaboration. 

This policy manifests Alberta’s ambition to be a global leader in the production of minerals necessary to the energy transition, with high sustainability standards. Alberta intends to capitalise on its natural resources and its established industry to be a prominent exporter of sustainably produced high-quality processed minerals. Alberta aims to develop value chains based on extraction from primary sources, groundwater (e.g. magnesium and lithium) and industrial waste (e.g. titanium). The strategic plan details six guiding principles, which comprise increased inclusion of Indigenous Peoples and support to industrial innovations contributing to a low-carbon economy. The plan lists six priorities, which are:

  • Increase public geoscience, 
  • Enhance the fiscal and regulatory environment, 
  • Promote responsible development, 
  • Advance opportunities for Indigenous Peoples,
  • Develop public awareness and a skilled workforce, 
  • Promoted innovation and industrial development.

The strategic plan lists actions with different time-scales. Some are to be impactful within two years, some within five, and some within ten. 

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