Executive Order 13953, Addressing the Threat to the Domestic Supply Chain From Reliance on Critical Minerals From Foreign Adversaries and Supporting the Domestic Mining and Processing Industries

Last updated: 31 October 2022

Executive Order 13953 of 30 September 2020 was issued by President Donald J. Trump and calls for targeted action to address risks associated with critical mineral supply chains. The aim of the order is to work toward securing the supply of minerals that are critical to maintaining the US’s economic and military strength.

This document:

  • Recognises the need for international cooperation and recalls that the USA is highly dependent on foreign suppliers of critical minerals, especially China;
  • Determines that the country’s reliance on critical minerals from foreign adversaries constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat, and declares a national emergency to deal with the threat;
  • Orders the Secretary of the Interior and other government bodies to investigate, report upon the nation’s reliance on Critical Minerals and propose appropriate measures on a regular basis;
  • Declares that relevant agencies should prioritize the expansion and protection of the domestic supply chain for minerals, namely by strengthening domestic mining and processing capabilities, foster cooperation with allies, and regularly report on the existing and planned efforts to deal with minerals supply risks;
  • Asks that the Secretary of Energy clarify the conditions under which financial aids can be provided in accordance with previous requirements, both from this order and past legislative pieces;
  • States that relevant agencies should accelerate the issuance of permits and the completion of projects in connection with expanding and protecting the domestic supply chain of minerals;
  • Asks relevant agencies to examine and identify the authorities they wield that could foster the reuse of past mining sites;
  • Amends Executive Order 13817 to add the requirement of a periodical update of the nation’s critical minerals list.

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