Special Program on Climate Change 2021-2024

Last updated: 15 February 2022

The Special Program on Climate Change sets the different priority objectives and strategies, as well as specific actions that should be followed during the 2021-2024 period.

The Special Program has 4 different priority actions:
1. Actions on adaptation and resilience. "Reduce the vulnerability towards climate change for the society, ecosystems, and biodiversity".
2. Actions on climate change mitigation. "Reduce GHG emissions to promote social wellbeing, low-carbon development and the protection of the ozone layer."
3. "Promote the synergies within mitigation and adaptation actions and policies." 
4. Promote mechanisms for enabling climate change policy on institutional and policy coordination, financing, and adaptation.

Priority action 2.4 describes several actions that are meant to mitigate emissions from the oil and gas value chain.  The action requires the government to report compliance of the PPCIEM (methane regulation’s compliance program) commitments from regulated entities, including their annual compliance. It names ASEA (The Agency for Safety, Energy, and Environment) as the responsible entity for such a task.

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