Coal Phase-out and/or Reconversion of Coal Units

Last updated: 20 July 2021

As part of its Just transition strategy, Chile plans to phase-out all its coal-fired thermoelectric power plants by 2040. The first step consists in phasing-out 11 coal units by 2024, equivalent to 1731 MW, which represents 31% of the installed capacity of coal power plants.


A working group, the "Phase-out and/or Reconversion of Coal Units Roundtable" convened to analyze the challenges of phasing out coal generation, for a planned and gradual phase-out. The previous measures are a result of an agreement between the Ministry of Energy and coal-fired power plants owners, based on the work of the Roundtable.  


On July 6, 2021, the Minister of Energy, announced the plan to advance the closure of 4 coal-fired plants by 2025, equivalent to 1,097 MW, or 20% of the installed capacity of the country's coal-fired plants. These 4 plants are located in the industrial regions of Mejillones and Puchuncavi.

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