New obligation to provide information and to give awareness-raising by the energy regulator

Last updated: 5 November 2017
The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority is obligated to provide public information about energy efficiency by a state-owned website. The energy consumers and market participants must be informed on energy efficiency and energy saving methods, as well as financial and legal frameworks related to energy efficiency.
Information subjects:
a) Legislations related to energy efficiency; b) Energy efficiency services, financing of investments and financial instruments available to support; c) To improve energy efficiency information about awareness-raising and trainings; d) Practices on energy efficiency, energy efficiency behaviour patterns; e) Energy efficiency service contracts; f) The application of energy efficiency-based contracts; g) Certification schemes of the energy efficiency service providers, international best practice examples; h) financial institutions on energy efficiency services; i) energy labelling schemes for energy providers and products.
The target groups for information:
a) the population; b) businesses; c) construction professionals, engineers, planners, energy specialists; d) financial institutions; e) energy efficiency services; f) public institutions.

Furthermore, it should be given information to the small and medium enterprises as well as to the residential sector about the energy audit and the benefits associated with conducting energy audits.