Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering (OIB) Guideline 2019

Last updated: 5 July 2021
The OIB (Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering) guidelines serve to harmonize the construction engineering regulations across all of Austria. They are issued by the OIB and adopted by the federal states into their Construction Law.As market surveillance authority, the OIB ensures that the construction products on the market fulfill all legal requirements and do not endanger health and safety.The OIB issues European Technical Assessments (ETA) and Austrian Construction Engineering Approvals (BTZ) for construction products. Thus innovative products are able to obtain a CE or ÜA label as well.The OIB also provides information about the currently valid technical requirements for construction products in Austria.The OIB guidelines are issued upon decision in the General Assembly and are thus available to the federal states. The federal states may declare OIB Guidelines as binding in their building codes, which is already the case in all federal states. However, the OIB Guidelines may be deviated from in accordance with the provisions of the relevant regulations of the federal states, if it is demonstrated that an equivalent level of protection in compliance with the OIB guidelines is achieved. This is intended to ensure the necessary flexibility for innovative architectural and technical solutions.

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