Conversion of Exhaust Heat and Pressure

Last updated: 16 April 2021
Within the 11th Five Year Period (2006 - 2010), the Chinese government has mandated the efficient use of exhaust, pressure and heat from mining and industrial processes. Iron and steel enterprises will - apply coke dry quenching (CDQ) and power generation through the pressure difference in blast furnace, renovate all blast furnace gas power generation and implement converter gas recovery to save 2.66 million tons of standard coal; - install each year 30 sets of medium-and-low-temperature exhaust-heat power generation equipment in concrete production lines with a daily yield of 2,000 tons; - exploit ground coalbed gas (CBG), extracting and draining gas in ground mined-out areas, discarded mines and below the grand surface, to realize an annual gas application of one billion cubic meters, equivalent to saving 1.35 million tons of standard coal.