Newly updated statistics data services and overviews

The International Energy Agency is releasing its newly updated online data service for all fuels and energy balances, supported by a series of free overviews. These publications and datasets present comprehensive global data and statistics for 2016, plus provisional data for 2017 from OECD countries where available.

All data services and overviews will be made available on the IEA statistics page in the coming days.

19 July: Renewables Information 2018 (data service, overview, pre-order)

20 July: Electricity Information 2018 (data service, overview, pre-order)

25 July: Oil Information 2018 (data service, overviewpre-order)

26 July: Coal Information 2018 (data service, overviewpre-order)

26 July: Natural Gas Information 2018 (data service, overviewpre-order)

1 August: World Energy Balances 2018 (data service, overviewpre-order)