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Appliances & equipment

Growth in energy use by household appliances shows no signs of decelerating, yet only one-third of appliance energy use today is covered by mandatory performance standards.

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Key findings

Consumption by household appliances and plug loads by region in the Sustainable Development Scenario, 2000-2030


Only one-third of appliance energy use today is covered by mandatory performance standards

Electricity consumption by household appliances continues to increase. It reached over 3 000 TWh in 2019 and accounted for 15% of global final electricity demand, or one-quarter of electricity used in buildings. Demand is driven by rising ownership of connected plug-load devices, especially in developing countries that are becoming wealthier. Mandatory Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) cover one-third of the energy used, mainly for large household appliances, but smaller plug loads, including consumer electronics, are less well regulated. Greater policy coverage and stringency will be needed to realise the SDS.
Our work

The aims of the 4E TCP are to promote energy efficiency as the key to ensuring safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy systems. As an international platform for collaboration between governments, the 4E TCP provides policy guidance to its members and other governments concerning energy using equipment and systems. The 4E TCP prioritises technologies and applications with significant energy consumption and energy saving potential within the residential, commercial and industrial sectors (not including transport). To meet its aims, the 4E TCP harnesses the expertise of governments, industry, experts and other TCPs for joint research related to the development and deployment of energy efficient equipment.