The Role of Storage in Energy System Flexibility



Executive Summary 

Meeting Scope

The IEA’s Experts Group on Energy R&D and Priority Setting will host a workshop on 22–23 October 2014 in Berlin, Germany, hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. This workshop will focus on the evolving nature of the grid, with the goal of identifying novel approaches, RD&D needs, other areas not well covered but needing attention, and innovative case studies related to electricity storage in a flexible electricity grid of the future. The workshop will address a broad range of topics concerned with innovation and R&D strategies for energy storage and electricity grid enhancement with a focus on how best to welcome the inclusion of variable energy sources.

With input from speakers representing various actors, sectors, and regions, the workshop will result in a summary report, posted publicly, that identifies challenges concerning energy storage and energy grids, highlights a broad sampling of activities underway in various countries and technology sectors, identifies priorities and gaps in current programs for RD&D planners, and suggests a number of areas in the innovation arena needing public policy attention.

Target Audience

In addition to EGRD national experts, we are seeking input from RD&D decision-makers, strategic planners, and program managers from industry concerned with energy storage systems technologies related to electrical grids. Participation is by invitation only.

Session 1: Introduction

WelcomeGerman Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and EnergyIntroductionRob Kool, Chair EGRD, Netherlands Enterprise Agency ‌Luis Munuera, International Energy Agency The German energy storage RD&D initiativeArne Höll, German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and EnergySession 2: Energy systems and demand for storage Worldwide need for energy storageChristian Doetsch, Fraunhofer UMSICHTEnergy storage in a grid with fluctuating sources: the German perspectiveKai Hufendiek, IER StuttgartThe DOE Global Energy Storage DatabaseGeorgianne Huff, Sandia National Laboratories, USAA TSO perspective on energy storage Norela Constantinescu, ENTSO-ESession 3: Flexibility options as alternatives to storageConvergence of electricity and gas gridsPeter Markewitz, Forschungszentrum JülichJapanese perspectives on storage alternatives Atsushi Kurosawa, The Institute of Applied EnergyEnergy system flexibility, security, standardsRob van Dijk, DNV-GLDemand-side managementMatthias Stifter, Austrian Institute of TechnologyThe future energy system - with focus on flexibility by system interactionsPoul Erik Morthorst, Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetSession 4: Energy storage technologies Battery storage for grid stabilisationMatthias Leuthold, RWTH AachenFlow batteriesGary Yang, UniEnergy Technologies‌Imre Gyuk, Energy Storage R&D programme, US Department of EnergyTechnical opportunities and barriers for utility scale energy storageEstathios Peteves, EU-JRCSmart heat storage for solar heating systems  Simon Furbo, Danmarks Tekniske UniversitetSession 5: Energy storage markets and business models ‌Alfons Westgeest, EUROBAT AssociationCalifornia utility storage experienceChris Edgette, California Energy Storage Alliance Economics of energy storageDominik Möst, TU Dresden Perspectives on grid transformation and the market for storageLandis Kannberg, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories