Net Zero by 2050 Scenario - Commercial usage

Commercial licence for the figures and data along with projections at global level for the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario

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Terms and conditions for commercial usage

Upon purchase of the data product available on this page, the Customer will receive the following commercial-use licence:

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Licence, and in exchange for a licence fee, the OECD/IEA grants to the Customer, its Affiliates, and their Users a worldwide, non-transferable/non-sub-licensable, non-exclusive licence to use, reproduce, distribute, copy, publicly display, prepare derivative works of, and modify (i) the Net Zero by 2050 Scenario figures, data, and projections found here (the “IEA Material”) and (ii) derivative works of the IEA Material. This Licence expressly includes such rights even where they are exercised for commercial advantage or monetary compensation. 

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the terms of this Licence, Customer, its Affiliates, and their Users may distribute to a third party or make publicly available the IEA Material and/or derivative works thereof pursuant to its/their own terms and conditions but only if: (i) such third party has also purchased this Licence to the IEA Material from the IEA, (ii) in the case of derivative works, the derivative work is not substantially a substitute for the IEA Material, or (iii) in all other circumstances, the distribution or public dissemination does not impair the IEA’s ability to licence the IEA Material for commercial uses.

The Licence is granted in accordance with the terms of this Licence and the IEA’s standard terms and conditions available at (the Terms and Conditions), including, in particular, sub-section 3(b) regarding Attribution and section 6 regarding disclaimers and indemnity. If any disputes arise under this Licence, they shall be resolved in accordance with section 10 of the Terms and Conditions. All capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this Licence (including “Customer”, “Affiliates” and “Users”) shall have the meaning attributed to them in the Terms and Conditions. For the purposes of the Terms and Conditions, the IEA Material shall be “Purchased Products”. This Licence prevails over the Terms and Conditions to the extent of any inconsistency.


  • 18/06/2021

    NZE by 2050 - commercial usage (special terms and conditions)