Women in Clean Energy: Knowledge, Gaps and Opportunities

Developed by the Clean Energy, Education and Empowerment (C3E) Programme

Providing data on gender issues in the energy industry

As the clean energy sector continues to grow and evolve, competitiveness relies on the ability to attract and retain a diverse pool of talent capable of bringing fresh perspectives. Many countries have recognised the importance of harnessing all talent and closing the gender gap, noting that greater gender equity brings economic and social benefits to all.

However, the energy industry remains one of the most gender imbalanced sectors. Women make up substantially less than half of the workforce across the energy sector and continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions. Closing the gender gap is not only a moral and social imperative, but makes good sense for business, as studies show that diverse organisations perform better.

Currently, there is only limited gender-disaggregated data for the clean energy sector and there is limited knowledge about how to make he sector more gender equal. To remedy this data gap and help advance women in this sector, the C3E TCP seeks to collect and develop consistent, reliable data measuring women’s participation in clean energy.

The C3E TCP’s founding participants, Canada, Italy and Sweden, are launching this effort by preparing this overview of the gender issue globally and in their respective countries, based on available data.

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