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Efficient street lighting plan

Last updated: 28 November 2019

Efficient street lighting plan (PLAE) consists of the replacement of street lighting by more efficient LED technology equipment on public roads, both in Municipalities and Provincial Routes.


The incorporation of this technology can represent up to 50% energy savings compared to current consumption, adapting the lighting levels of public lighting to current regulations (IRAM AADL J 2022-2).


As part of the work prior to the launch of the Plan, a consultation process was carried out jointly and with different entities and companies in the sector, for the adaptation of the technical specifications of the public lighting, which have been approved through the provision 1-2018 of the Undersecretary of Savings and Energy Efficiency.


The implementation of the PLAAE aims to make the Public Lighting Systems efficient throughout Argentina.


The National Directorate for the Execution of Energy Saving and Efficiency Programs is in charge of the implementation of PLAE and has a budget of 250 million pesos (ARS).

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