Payment of benefit of conserving fossil fuels

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 1 March 2018

To all ministries, especially oil and energy and subsidiaries and their affiliated organizations and public institutions and all title holders and row in the rules allowed an annual budget of up to one hundred billion dollars each year on currency five hundred thousand billion as up to last year's inflation adjusted, in the following paragraphs (B and C) of this Article, investment or legal action by foreign or domestic individuals or cooperatives, with priority for the private sector to produce, export, quality improvement, cost savings or reduction in the production of goods or service and the time and improve the quality of environment environmental or casualty reduction leads for oil, gas, condensate and oil products and goods and services to export or import to export prices or foreign exchange rates on the open market or quantification of the public rights and duties, including legal and other costs incurred and for other cases the prices of non-subsidized public rights and duties, including legal and other costs incurred to contract.

The administration is undertaken:


  • 1) Goods or services produced or savings and benefits resulting value as the case of income, savings, benefits or value derived purchase.
  • 2) lnvestment and public rights and legal effects of principal and interest and other expenses incurred or benefits paid to them under this article shall apply.


lf you meet all or part of the resources needed to run 1 and 2 of the national budget, the swap agreement with the Management and Planning Organization, acting through the national treasury.

Paragraph B-Plans for energy efficiency in different sectors, including the oil industry, with priority on the energy industry and the rail and suburban public transport and buildings, the development of renewable energy, the use of compressed natural gas or liquid or liquefied gas with priority in large cities and the main roads between cities, production or replacing fuel-efficient vehicles and electric or gas-guzzling cars and wear and reduce the cost of freight and passengers and reduce demurrage (late loss) designs ships and rail, road, sea, air, including infrastructure and transportation, projects to reduce greenhouse gases leads, machinery and production units in agriculture.

Paragraph C-Plant construction projects is with efficiency, high power output, thermal efficiency, resulting in increased thermal efficiency, priority player installed steam power cycle (cycle) combines both a combination of electricity and heat (CPH) and combined electricity, heat and cold (CCPH) and small scale generation (DG) development of renewable energy, energy loss reduction generation, transmission and distribution, optimization and savings in power consumption and energy, electrification of agricultural wells using this new energy sources, including solar energy, replacing the power consumption instead of gas or petroleum products in areas that are economically justified and increase the share of export and transit of electricity, gas and fuel to produce electricity from waste plants.

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