Green Energy Concept 2013

Source: IEA/IRENA Renewables Policies Database
Last updated: 5 November 2017
The adopted Strategy Kazakhstan 2050: A New Political Course of the Established State ( "Strategy 2050 €) sets clear guidelines for building a sustainable and efficient economic model based on the country transition to a green development path.
Goals and targets:

To be reached by:
Renewable energy (including nuclear energy)
Solar and wind: not less than 3% of total power generation
50% of RES power generation
Energy efficiency
decrease energy intensity of GDP by 10% (2008 baseline)
decrease energy intensity of GDP by 25% (2008 baseline)
Resolve issues related to the water supply
Resolve issues related to the agricultural water supply
Priority goals of transitioning to Green Economy are:
Increased resource productivity, including water, land, biological resources, and resource management efficiency;
Modernization of existing and development of new infrastructure;
Increased population well-being and quality of the environment, achieved though profitable measures reducing environmental footprint;
Increased national security, including water supply.
Realisation of the Green concept and transition to the green economy will help creating new jobs, impact agriculture, increase water and power security, facilitate investments and bring technology development.

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