Air Pollution Act

Last updated: 23 December 2020

The main objectives of this legislation are the preservation of the natural composition of atmosphere, the prevention and reduction of air pollution, and to provide institutional provisions in the field of atmospheric air protection.

It states that organisations whose activities are related to the emission of pollutants, greenhouse gases or ozone-depleting substances into the atmosphere shall: comply with air pollution control rules pertaining to the operation of structures, installations and equipment; take measures to reduce and prevent emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere; monitor compliance with emission standards, keep records and submit related reports; take measures promote energy-saving or resource-saving technologies and the use of clean energy sources.

Furthermore, stationary sources must comply with maximum permissible pollutant emission standards that are determined based on state environmental expertise. Activities of extraction, transportation and processing of raw mineral materials must be carried out in compliance with the rules on air pollution prevention and reduction instituted by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Ecology and Environmental Protection.

This act also outlines provisions regarding air quality standards, the different institutional responsibilities from local governmental bodies, citizens and non-governmental non-profit organizations, and other matters related to air pollution.

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