Subsoil Law

Last updated: 23 December 2020

This law aims to ensure the rational, comprehensive use of subsoil to meet the needs for raw mineral materials, the protection of subsoil, the environment, and work safety. It states that the subsoil is the property of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Thus, mineral deposits can undergo industrial development only after due approval. The approval of exploration conditions, mineral reserves and state examination of geological materials shall be carried out by the State Commission on Mineral Reserves under the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Geology and Mineral Resources.

The basis for subsoil use, be that for mining or other purposes, is a license. The license certifies the right of its owner to use the subsoil within specific boundaries and a specified period, determining pertaining conditions.

Landowners and land users have the right, without obtaining a license, to carry out, within the limits of the their land plots, the extraction of common minerals, if the reserves of which are not accounted for by the state balance of mineral reserves, and to construct underground structures for their own economic and domestic needs if that does not involve blasting operations.

This regulation also requires systematic monitoring of the state of the mine atmosphere, including the content of oxygen, harmful and explosive gases and dust in it. It also has provisions on recordkeeping and required safety and environmental measures.

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