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Dr Fatih Birol, IEA Executive Director

Fatih Birol has served as the IEA's Executive Director since September 2015. He is recognized as one of the leading and most influential voices on global energy issues.

Dr Fatih Birol will be at COP25 on 10-11 December

Paul Simons, Deputy Executive Director

Paul Simons has been IEA's Deputy Executive Director since July 2015. He provides leadership and strategic direction, including advancing IEA's global engagement strategy by strengthening co-operation with non-member countries.

Paul Simons will be at COP25 on 1 December

Mechthild Wörsdörfer, Director, Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks

Mechthild Wörsdörfer coordinates and oversees IEA's work on energy sustainability, encompassing long-term scenarios including the World Energy Outlook, energy technology roadmaps, and energy-related climate change policy, including CCUS.

Mechthild Wörsdörfer will be at COP25 on 8-11 December

Dave Turk, Head of the Strategic Initiatives Office

Dave Turk coordinates strategic initiatives across the IEA including on energy technology innovation, digitalisation, and international partnerships.

Dave Turk will be at COP25 on 11-13 December

Alessandro Blasi, Special Advisor to the IEA Executive Director

Alessandro Blasi provides strategic support to the IEA Executive Director on various topics. He is in charge of assigned priority projects and maintaining relationships with the private sector. Before he co-lead work on IEA’s World Energy Investment Report and contributed as a senior analyst to the World Energy Outlook.

Alessandro Blasi will be at COP25 on 10-11 December

Sara Moarif, Head, Environment and Climate Change Unit

Sara Moarif co-ordinates and oversees work on energy-related climate change policy, including carbon pricing and aligning policies for energy transitions, energy sector climate resilience, and international climate engagement.

Sara Moarif will be at COP25 on 9-12 December

Edwin Haesen, Head of Unit, System Integration of Renewables

Edwin Haesen leads the agency’s work on power system flexibility and electricity security.

Edwin Haesen will be at COP25 on 11-12 December

Kathleen Gaffney, Senior Programme Manager, Energy Efficiency Division

Kathleen Gaffney leads the division’s work on energy efficiency trends, policies and technology analysis. She directs the Energy Efficiency Division’s market report series, including the most recent 'Energy Efficiency 2019', and leads the workstream 'Modernising Energy Efficiency through Digitalisation'.

Kathleen Gaffney will be at COP25 on 10-11 December

Cyril Cassisa, Energy and Climate Analyst

Cyril Cassisa works on carbon pricing and polices for energy transitions at the IEA. He also leads China ETS project under CETP.

Cyril Cassisa will be at COP25 on 9-11 December

Stéphanie Bouckaert, Coordinator of End-Use Modelling, World Energy Outlook

Stéphanie Bouckaert coordinates end-use modelling (buildings, transport and industry) and analysis for the World Energy Outlook. She has co-lead the special focus on Africa in this year’s edition and pioneered quantitative demand side response work at the IEA.

Stéphanie Bouckaert will be at COP25 on 9-11 December

Jinsun Lim, Energy and Environment Policy Analyst

Jinsun Lim leads work on climate change impact assessment and resilience of the energy sector. She is responsible for coordinating IEA’s engagement at COP.

Jinsun Lim will be at COP25 on 6-12 December

Luca Lo Re, Climate Policy Analyst

Luca Lo Re leads the IEA work in the OECD/IEA Climate Change Expert Group. With OECD colleagues, he produces papers to enhance the understanding of technical issues in international climate change negotiations. In particular, he focuses on international carbon markets (Art. 6 of the Paris Agreement).

Luca Lo Re will be at COP25 on 2-7 December

Peter Janoska, Energy Policy Analyst

Peter Janoska works on energy, environment and climate change policy integration aspects, such as the role of carbon pricing. He further leads tracking progress in clean energy transitions. 

Peter Janoska will be at COP25 on 12-13 December