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Global EV Policy Explorer

Electric vehicle deployment policies and measures

This table highlights key policies and measures that support the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) and zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) for light-duty vehicle (LDV) and heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) models. It summarises existing measures as well as announced targets and ambitions by region and country. These take a variety of forms, such as fuel economy standards, CO2 emissions standards, deployment roadmaps, and EV sales or stock targets and ambitions. The table does not include fiscal policies such as subsidies, carbon taxes or similar policy instruments.

The policies and measures are structured in four categories:

  • Legislation: Legally binding commitments such as regulations and standards.
  • Targets: Announced government targets that are part of legislation, budgetary commitments, Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Climate Agreement or national climate plans such as those submitted by member states to the European Union.
  • Ambitions: Government goals or objectives as set out in a policy document such as a deployment roadmap or strategy.
  • Proposals: Government goals released in public documents or embedded into legislation designed to stimulate discussion as to their feasibility. These often bring forward deadlines for phase out of gasoline or diesel vehicles, presented from one member country to a regional government body (e.g. by member states to the European Union), or they build upon current ambitions, targets, and/or legislation.