Member countries

The IEA is made up of 30 member countries. Before becoming a member country of the IEA, a candidate country must fulfil certain requirements, and the final decision rests with the Governing Board.

Non-member countries

Growing economic interdependence and increasingly global energy market and environmental issues make IEA relations with non-member countries especially important.

FAQs on IEA membership

To be a member country of the IEA, a country must be a member country of the OECD. However, membership in the OECD does not automatically result in membership in the IEA.


Senior staff from the IEA participate in energy-related events all over the world, such as the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Global engagement

The IEA has long worked to build good working relationships with countries beyond its membership, in particular major energy consuming, producing and transit countries.


Definitions in this glossary of energy-related terms reflect those used by the IEA; definitions used by other organisations and publications may vary.