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What led to the IEA Africa Energy Outlook

Chief Economist Fatih Birol on why the World Energy Outlook focused on sub-Saharan Africa this year

Chinese national oil companies' investments: going global for energy

From the pages of IEA Energy: IEA tracks Chinese oil firms’ growing overseas deals, finding they're driven by commercial interests but may affect foreign policy

Renewables augment Saudi gas

Saudi Arabia is hardly running low on energy, but the kingdom is moving to limit surging domestic demand’s impact on exports

Key World Energy Statistics 2014

Key World Energy Statistics 2014 is the IEA's top free download with data on supply, transformation and consumption of all major energy sources

IEA message for youth on climate change

An IEA video specifically for our next generation of leaders

Your most-asked energy questions

Answers to a range of questions relating to the IEA and its work in energy

World Energy Outlook 2014