Press Release WEO Air Pollution Cover Art

Small increase in energy spending could cut premature deaths from air pollution

IEA strategy based on existing energy technologies and policies can cut 50% of pollutant emissions, the fourth-largest threat to human health, by 2040

Press Release 160602_CEM secretariat

Clean Energy Ministerial Secretariat finds new home at the IEA

“Perfect marriage” increases IEA’s focus on clean energy technology and global outreach

Agency Announcement ESAP 3 web art

Electricity Security Advisory Panel meeting discusses a low-carbon energy grid

Experts and policy makers discuss the challenge of designing post-Paris Agreement electricity markets

News 160628 World Nuclear Exhibition Fatih Birol

IEA Executive Director delivers keynote at World Nuclear Exhibition

Nuclear power can play a role in energy security and carbon abatement – but financing and public concerns remain key issues

Agency Announcement Well Below 2 Degrees Workshop

Experts meet in Paris to re-define climate ambition

Workshop seeks to identify opportunities to achieve faster and deeper energy-sector decarbonisation

Press Release 160601_ETP2016_homepage

Cities are in the frontline for cutting carbon emissions

Urban buildings and transport key to attain climate goals

News 160614_OMR

IEA releases Oil Market Report for June

Unexpected supply cuts and outages in North America, Africa and South America dampen global production forecasts

Press Release 160608_MTGMR_homepage

IEA sees major shifts in global gas trade over next five years

Massive growth in LNG supplies despite weak gas demand and low prices


IEA brings together energy efficiency experts from across the globe

Over 100 participants from emerging and developing countries gather in Paris for training and discussion on energy efficiency policy


One million and counting: electric cars worldwide cross the milestone

Market share surpassed 1% in seven countries in 2015, and China overtook US in top sales


Measuring the value of next-generation wind and solar power

As next-generation wind and solar power grows in the energy mix, a focus on their falling generation costs alone stops short of what is needed


Technology Collaboration Programmes: Highlights and outcomes

Taking stock of the significant outcomes of the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs)