160829 - Europe Energy Mix Chart

Europe's changing energy mix

Markets have delivered gas plants, but renewable investment has been driven by policy

160823 Air Conditioners

Air conditioning demand set to grow rapidly over the coming decades

But hundreds of millions of new households across the developing world represent enormous potential for energy savings


Renewables are often only as useful as the grid they feed

Measuring the value of next-generation wind and solar

160825 IEA Summer School

IEA Summer School: free online webinars on energy data and statistics

Topics include energy statistics, refinery balances, energy balances, electricity and renewables

160822 Global EV Chargers - No title

There are almost 1.5 million electric vehicle charging stations worldwide

About 13% of these charging stations are available for public use

160808 Energy Balances Article

IEA data shows global energy production and consumption continue to rise

Non-OECD Asia closing in on OECD’s position as the world’s largest energy consumer