160923 - Carbon Intensity

The long road from Paris: the CO2 impact of new power generation

New power plants still not on track for global climate goals

WEI Cover Web

A new measure of global energy investments

New IEA report shows the electricity sector leading a broad reorientation of energy investment but warns more is needed to meet climate targets and address energy security concerns

160921 - KWES Front Page

Key World Energy Statistics: a world of energy data at your fingertips

IEA releases updated Key World Energy Statistics


IEA releases Oil Market Report for September

Global oil demand slowing at a faster pace than predicted

Energy investments around the world in 70 seconds

Watch the launch video of our brand new report giving a snapshot of energy investment around the globe

160907 - ETP Cities Vancouver

Cities are at the frontline of the energy transition

While countries and regions are setting grand targets to curb carbon emissions, the real action will be taken in the world’s booming urban centres

160830 - Energy Water Nexus

Adapting to a Drier World

As the world celebrates Water Week, IEA analysis has examined how energy production can make better use of limited water resources

160823 Air Conditioners

Air conditioning demand set to grow rapidly over the coming decades

But hundreds of millions of new households across the developing world represent enormous potential for energy savings