Sixth Annual Expert Workshop: Challenges in Electricity Decarbonisation

Venue: IEA - 9 rue de la Federation 75739 Paris - ROOM 1

Dates: 17 October 2019 - 18 October 2019

Organiser: EPRI/IEA

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The Sixth Annual EPRI-IEA Challenges in Electricity Decarbonisation Expert Workshopwill focus on the growing number of mid-century electric sector emissions targets announced by governments and electric utilities throughout the world, near- and long-term strategies to achieve those targets, and potential challenges likely to be encountered along the way.

Reaching low-to-zero greenhouse gas emissions globally across the economy by mid-century, consistent with a pathway toward well below 2 °C temperature rise, requires deep and rapid decarbonisation of the electricity sector combined with widespread electrification of the buildings, transport, and industrial end-use sectors.  While a number of electric utilities have announced plans to reduce emissions to close to zero (or even beyond) by 2050, how this will be achieved in different jurisdictions throughout the world is an open question. Certainly much has already been learned from countries’ experiences with high shares of renewables to date; however, moving toward even higher shares will create significant challenges necessitating new infrastructure and operating paradigms.

This year’s EPRI-IEA workshop will focus on potential pathways and associated challenges by which utilities may drive their emissions close to zero (or beyond) by 2050. The workshop will span 1.5 days and will consist of sessions on the following topics:

  • National and sub-national actions to deeply reduce electric sector greenhouse gas emissions
  • Electric utility ambitions for decarbonization
  • Market, policy and technology challenges associated with high shares of renewables
  • Role of long-distance transmission and cross-border energy flows in countries‘ decarbonization efforts
  • Innovative strategies to facilitate the task of deep decarbonization

The full agenda is available here.

The EPRI-IEA Challenges in Electricity Decarbonisation Expert Workshop series brings together leading experts from government, academia, think-tanks and the private sector from around the world to share experiences relating to decarbonizing the electricity system. Participants identify barriers and opportunities for the sector and discuss lessons learned from various approaches to decarbonization in different jurisdictions. Past workshops have performed deep dives into a diverse set of topics including near-term market structure, long-term decarbonisation pathways, security of supply and resource adequacy, and end-use electrification opportunities.

The meeting will be informal in nature and held under Chatham House Rule. Attendance is by invitation only. Please indicate your interest in participating on the registration page.

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