Renewable Energies for Manufacturing Industries (REMI)

Venue: Paris

Dates: 11 May 2015 - 12 May 2015

Organiser: IEA

Topics, Bioenergy, Topics, Biofuels, Topics, CCS, Topics, Clean Energy Technologies, Topics, ETP, Topics, Electricity, Topics, Energy Efficiency, Topics, Energy Policy, Topics, Geothermal, Topics, Heat, Topics, Hydrogen, Topics, Hydropower, Topics, Natural Gas, Topics, Ocean Energy, Topics, Renewables, Topics, Smart Grids, Topics, Solar Power, Topics, Solar heat, Topics, Wind, Topics, Scenarios, Countries, Non Member Countries, China

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Session 1: Setting the scene

Topics: Welcome and workshop introduction; Project’s scope, objectives, timeline and engagement possibilities; IRENA Remap 2030 study; The Chinese context.


Cedric Philibert (IEA, RED): Introducing REMI Workshop
Araceli Fernandez (IEA, ETP): Renewable energy use in industry within the 2DS
Deger Saygin (IRENA): Remap 2030: Renewables for manufacturing industries
Yanjia Wang (Tsinghua University): Renewables for manufacturing industries in China

Session 2: Solar Thermal

Topics: Further solar thermal deployment potentials, successful business models.


Christoph Brunner (AEE/SHC Task 49): Solar Heat for Industrial Processes
Manuela Ojan (Italcementi): Solar Power and new concrete applications: a pilot plant in Morocco
Kevin Mozas (Sunti): A business model to boost solar heat into industrial processes

Session 3: Bioenergy

Topics: Fuel switching options to sustain core processes and captive utilities, and biomass-based feedstock process routes: potential and interplay with other bioenergy uses.


Adam Brown (IEA, RED): Bioenergy
Thore Berntsson (Chalmers University of Technology): Biomass in Industry – How, When and Why?
Marc Roquette (Roquette Group):
Kees Kwant (Economic Affairs, NL/Bioenergy IA): A Biorefinery approach

Session 4: Renewable Electricity Use

Topics: Distributed hydropower, wind and PV vs. grid procurement. Processes for further electrification of industry (Heat pumps, mechanical vapour recompression, Foucault currents, plasma torches, micro-waves, lasers, electric arcs…)


Christoph Crocombette (Electricité de France): A path to the electrification of the world industries
Hans ten Berge (Eurelectric): oral testimony
Jean-Jacques Marchais (Schneider Electric): Integrating renewable electrical energy in industry
Bill Gould (SolarReserve, USA): Solar applications for industries

Session 5: How industry can help integrate variable renewables

Topics: Distributed vs. grid procurement; process curtailment options; flexibility on different time-scales.


Nicola Riga (Confederation of European Paper Industries): Thinking outside the box: New perspectives on industrial demand side flexibility
Yongning Chi (State Grid Corporation of China): Challenges and industries electrification Impacts on large Renewable Integration in China
Alban de la Selle (Energy Pool) : Energy Storage
Thomas Jezdinsky (European Copper Institute) : IndustRE – Project Overview.




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