Power System Flexibility Expert Workshop

Venue: Paris, France

Dates: 13 February 2019

Organiser: IEA

Contact Email: SIR@iea.org


Cost-competitive Variable Renewable Energy (VRE), digitalization and decentralization are increasingly shaping the transformation of power systems around the world. In this context, the coordinated deployment of all flexibility sources – power plants, grids, demand response and storage - has become a crucial element to accelerate the shift to clean electricity, while limiting costs and ensuring system security.

Recent International Energy Agency (IEA) analysis highlights the need for taking action on renewables integration as countries move onto higher stages of VRE penetration. In addition, the IEA has found that addressing system integration is not only relevant for countries with significant VRE shares, but also offers opportunities to facilitate energy access, affordability and system stability at early stages of VRE deployment.

Within the framework of the Clean Energy Ministerial, the Power System Flexibility Campaign provides a forum for government and non-governmental stakeholders to identify key challenges and concrete actions - trailing from the operational level to the overarching institutional and policy framework. These efforts to accelerate and manage energy transitions draw on various pools of expertise: the IEA’s GIVAR network, PSF membership, and the findings accumulated through the 21CPP’s work.

In this vein, the PSF’s Expert Workshop was an opportunity to discuss the present findings of the campaign as well as to advance the discussion in preparation for both the 10th Clean Energy Ministerial and the publication of campaign’s final report.

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