IX Electricity Security Advisory Panel Workshop

Venue: UIC-P Espace Congrès, 16 rue Jean Rey, 75015 Paris, FRANCE

Dates: 17 June 2019 - 17 June 2019

Organiser: IEA

Contact Email: Cesar.HERNANDEZ@iea.org


 What is next for our electricity markets?

Towards a new Market and regulatory Framework


Today’s restructured electricity markets are based on economic principles developed more than two decades ago, allowing competition in the power sector with the objective of improving economic efficiency, shifting risks to investors and, in relevant emerging economies, to reduce the burden on the treasury. Since then, many markets have successfully followed a pragmatic and constant learning-by-doing process, resulting in innovations and changes that allow them to improve power system performance while deliver electricity in a secure and affordable manner.

Recently, however, a number of unprecedented developments are threatening to disrupt power systems around the world. These include the need to quickly and affordably decarbonise the economy, the introduction of new supply- and demand-side technologies, and expanded opportunities for consumer engagement. Taken together, these developments are forcing us to question whether existing power markets designs can be adapted to these changes or whether an entirely new approach is required.

In this context, the IEA is organizing this Electricity Security Advisory Panel workshop to take stock of lessons learned, to identify principles that should continue driving electricity market design, and to identify elements that will need to change in the coming years. 

This invitation-only workshop is aimed at experts in electricity market design and senior electricity market participants and will help guide future IEA research on this topic.








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