Beyond energy savings: The multiple benefits of energy efficiency

Venue: Ministerial Conference Centre, 27 rue de la Convention, 75015 Paris

Dates: 5 March 2018 - 7 March 2018

Organiser: International Energy Agency

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In 2014 the IEA published Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency, which outlined an approach for capturing a range of non-energy benefits of energy efficiency. Now the IEA is in the process of updating its work on this topic, including by exploring impacts of energy efficiency not covered in the 2014 publication, and the new evidence beyond energy savings.

The workshop will bring together policy makers, evaluators and private sector representatives to explore the latest evidence on the use and analysis of the multiple benefits of energy efficiency. The aim is to share experiences and identify areas where further work is needed to improve the evidence base.

In summary:

Day 1 presents the recent case studies on energy efficiency policy resulting in non-energy benefits;
Day 2 explores what policymakers need to design and communicate the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, and how those needs can be met; and
Day 3 builds on the discussion of day 2 to explore methodological issues related to calculating non-energy benefits of energy efficiency.

Participation to this event is by invitation only.