Workshop on System Resiliency and Flexibility

Venue: Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Vienna, Austria

Dates: 13 May 2019 - 14 May 2019

Organiser: IEA Experts' Group on R&D Priority Setting and Evaluation (EGRD)

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Rationale and Agenda

Issues to be addressed during the course of the two-day workshop include: 

  • What will the future energy system look like? What are the key challenges and main risks for energy systems with a high share of variable energy sources?

    • Which RES are required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement?
    • To what extent does the increase of RES require technologies to balance supply and demand?
    • Differing challenges in various countries: workshop 'one size fits all' or unique solutions?
    • Are existing technologies sufficient to deal with the necessity of balancing supply and demand?
  • New technologies and new business models: where are we heading?

    • Which technologies for the increase of flexibility are applied on a global scale?
    • Of the existent climate change adaptation technologies, which are suitable and ready for the system of the next 50 years?
    • What are the possibilities and prospects of new technologies to balance supply and demand?
  • Best practice examples: what lessons have been learned so far?

    • Learning from showcase regions around the world: necesiity of individualised solutions for different needs?
    • Which lessons can be learned from regions with a high share of intermittent RES, and are there any further derived findings?
  • What are the resilient transformation paths for the future?

    • Analysis: what are the system's weak points and which factors contribute to a high vulnerability?
    • What can be done in order to add a greater impetus to resilience and adaptive capacity?
  • Which are the main factors to be considered regarding R&D policies and decision making?

    • What potential lies in the transformation towards flexible energy systems to improve resilience?
    • Which questions need to be addressed in future R&D policies?
    • Which funding instruments will be required?
    • Which R&D programmes for the development of new technologies to increase flexibility and system resilience exist already?

More information and a detailed programme will be available shortly on this page.

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