Will a smarter grid lead to smarter end users - or vice versa?

Venue: The Research Council of Norway, Oslo

Dates: 3 June 2015 - 4 June 2015

Organiser: Experts' Group on R&D Priority-Setting and Evaluation

Contact Email: diana.louis@iea.org



Executive Summary

Meeting Scope

The workshop will focus on the potential benefits of smart grids for end-users and society at large, with the goal of identifying novel approaches and critical aspects for realising this potential as well as core R&D needs on this topic and similar areas that need attention.  Examples of end user-applications, consumer segmentation and engagement schemes, and business models will be presented to illustrate state-of-the-art and examples of emerging international "best practice".  Achieving the vision of smartening the grid between now and 2050 requires governments, research organisations, industry, the financial sector, consumer advocates, international organisations and other power sector stakeholders to work together.  

Target Audience

In addition to EGRD national experts, we are seeking input from RD&D decision makers, strategic planners, and program managers from industry concerned with intelligent end-use and distributed energy technologies related to electrical grids.  Participation is by invitation only. 

Welcome  Fridtjof Unander, Research Council of Norway 
Rationale Rob Kool, Chair EGRD, Netherlands Enterprise Agency 
IEA Smart Grids Technology Roadmap, ISGAN review of flexibility and Energy Technology Perspectives 2014 Luis Munuera, International Energy Agency 
Energy21, strategy for energy research Lene Mostue, Energy21
Moving towards the smart grid Grete Coldevin, Norwegian Smart Grid Centre
Session 1: Benefits of smart-grid/ICT end-use innovations
Residential demand response - an iPower view on how it can contribute to a smart grid Henrik Bindner, Technical University of Denmark 
Smart grid gives new business possibilities Dagfinn Wage, FoU & Innovasjon, Lyse energi, Norway
Integration of electric transportation with smart grids Kari Mäki, VTT, Finland 
ISGAN - comprehensive/integrated view Michael Hübner, Austria
Session 2: Barriers to realising benefits
World café: barriers and how they can be overcome  
Session 3: Insights into end-use behaviour
Presentation from DSM "Closing the Loop" Rob Kool, The Netherlands 
Smart consumer, smart customer, smart citizens Ludwig Karg, Germany 
Demo Gotland Monica Löf, Vattenfall
Market, money and morals: understanding of Norwegian energy consumers Asne Godbolt Lund, Sintef, Norway 
Touchpoints and practices in the smart grid Cecilia Katzeff, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
Session 4: Technology/software solutions and R&D priorities
The Netherlands experience Nicole Kerkhof, Netherlands Enterprise Agency
Charge flex, management of loading of electric vehicles Stig Odegaard Ottesen, NTNU/E-smart, Norway 
Ecogrid2015 - experience with energy management systems and customers Maja Felicia Bendtsen, Ostkraft, Denmark 
Session 5: Policy, markets, government interventions
European Union smart grid initiative Henrik Dam, DG Energy
Intelligent energy through flexibility across energy systems and activating flexibility in buildings Helle Juhler-Verdoner, The Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance
Smart community demonstrations - experiences in Japan Atsushi Kurosawa, The Institute of Applied Energy, Japan 
Do we really need to change to make the most of the benefits of DC? Pepijn van Willigenbrug, De Haagse Hogeschool, The Netherlands
Local electricity retail markets for pro-sumer smart grid power services Dieter Hierdes, EMPOWER



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