Island Energy - Status and Perspectives

Venue: Institute of Applied Energy (IAE)

Dates: 5 October 2015 - 6 October 2015

Organiser: Experts' Group on R&D Priority-Setting and Evaluation

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Executive Summary


Small island communities and remote, sparsely populated areas are vulnerable to impact of climate change and despite significant renewable energy resource potential they are often highly dependent on imported fossil fuels to meet their energy needs. This has high impact in terms of high electricity and energy costs, vulnerability to oil price fluctuations, supply interruptions and environmental degradation.  However, over the years an increasing number of island and remote area communities are seeking the transition to a more sustainable energy system, where improved energy efficiency and renewable energy play an important role.

The workshop will focus on the energy challenges, strategies and technological solutions on islands and remote, sparsely populated areas. The workshop will explore the similarities and differences in a variety of cases in order to summarise lessons learned, not least in terms of technological solutions. Further, the question will be raised whether it will make sense to exchange experiences and lessons learned between islands and isolated areas, and densely populated areas like cities. 

Target Audience

In addition to EGRD national experts, we are seeking input from RD&D decision makers, strategic planners, and program managers from industry and local authorities concerned with energy systems and sustainability. Participation is by invitation only. 

Session 1


Atsushi Kurosawa, Director of Global Environmental Program, Institute of Applied Energy (IAE)

Introduction and meeting objectives

Rob Kool, Chair EGRD, RVO.NL

Key note: A "New Era" for the IEA Energy Technology Network and Implementing Agreements

Toshiro Okada, METI
Policy Change in Japan and the Asian Energy Trends Toshiro Okada, METI
Clean energy systems for islands; insights from IEA analysis Eric Masanet, Head of IEA Energy Demand Technology Unit
Session 2: Sustainable islands
Japanese Island Grid Experience Satoshi Morozumi, NEDO
DC-based Open Energy Systems: A bottom-up, distributed power system for self-sustaining islands Mario Tokoro, Sony Computer Science laboratories, Inc.
Electricity storage for island transitions: a strategic niche? Ruud Kempener, IRENA
Integration of hydro-wind power generation on El Hierro Island Gabriella Németh, Electric Energy Department, Madrid
Session 3: Sustainable cities
Yokohama Smart City Project Yuki Murai, City of Yokohama
JST's activity towards the realisation of a dynamic and affluent low-carbon society Kenichi Furuhata, Japan Science and Technology Agency 
Session 4: Island states 
De-risking system-wide investments through energy transition planning - Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands Stephen Walls, US Department of Energy 
Advanced technology and future prospect of OTEC for Island - towards stable energy and sustainable development Yasuyuki Ikegami, Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University 
Appliance labeling and standards in the Pacific islands Timothy Clifford Farrell, UNEP DTU Partnership
Renewable energy developments in the Faroe Islands Bjarti Thomsen, Ministry of Industry
Session 5: Discussion and conclusion  
Workshop summary  Rob Kool, EGRD Chair



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