CCUS Workshop: Joint Activities and Opportunities

Venue: Beijing

Dates: 18 September 2011 - 19 September 2011

Organiser: IEA

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This event was organised by China's Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the Internation Energy Agency Working Party on Fossil Fuels (WPFF).

In June 2010, MOST hosted the IEA WPFF’s 58th meeting in Beijing. Following bilateral discussions, MOST and IEA WPFF agreed to co-operate in areas relating to CCS. First steps would be to engage in a process to develop more concrete topics for co-operation. It was further agreed that a joint workshop would be held in China around one year later to review progress. While arranging the workshop, it became clear that it could also provide an opportunity to raise awareness and to share experiences of other bilateral and multilateral CCS activities with China.

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) is a sub-category of CCS. At present, the cost of CCS is a major obstacle to its development and to its deployment at large scale. Utilisation of captured CO2 offers a means to offset some of the costs of the overall process.

The workshop was sponsored by the IEA. Many thanks for the smooth operation and successful outcome of the workshop must go to The Administrative Centre for China’s Agenda 21 (ACCA21), who were responsible for handling all arrangements in China.




Co-Chairs: CHEN Linhao & Jostein D. KARLSEN

Welcome from MOST
Mr. CHEN Linhao, Deputy Director General, MOST

Welcome from IEA Working Party on Fossil Fuels
Mr. Jostein D KARLSEN, Chair, IEA Working Party on Fossil Fuels


Mr. SUN Chengyong, Counsellor, Department of Social Development, MOST

Carbon Capture and Storage: A critical technology to combat climate change
Mr. Bo DICZFALUSY, Director, International Energy Agency

CCUS Technology Roadmap in China: Role & Future Vision
Mr. PENG Sizhen, Deputy Director General, ACCA21

Fossil Energy Priorities in the USDOE and the Importance of CCUS
Mr. Charles MCCONNELL, COO, Office of Fossil Energy, USDOE

Co-chairs: ZHANG Jiutian & Juho LIPPONEN

A Policy Strategy for CCS
Mr. Juho LIPPONEN, Head of CCS Unit, IEA

CCUSR&D and Pilot Activities in China
Mr. ZHANG Jiutian, Deputy Director, ACCA21

EC Initiatives for Carbon Capture and Storage - Research Dimension
Mr.Wiktor RALDOW, Head of Unit, DG Research, European Commission

Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Chinese Context
Mr. LI Mingyuan, China University of Petroleum

CCS in China: Aspects of Financing
Ms. Ellina LEVINA, Energy Analyst, CCS Unit, IEA

The Importance of Regional Drivers for CCUS Markets
Ms. Cheryl WILSON, CCS Analyst, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Non-Power Opportunities for CCUS in China
Mr. LI Huiquan, Institute of Process Engineering, CAS

Challenges and Opportunities for CCS in China
Mr. John TOPPER, MD, IEA Environmental Projects Ltd.

Coal Conversion Technologies and CCUS
Mr. Ren Shihua, CCRI, China

Co-chairs: Hubert HÖWENER & Li Mingyuan

IEA CCS Activities and Co-operation with China
Mr. Bo DICZFALUSY, Director, IEA

12th 5-year Science and Technology Plan: Addressing Climate Change
Mr. KANG Xiangwu, Deputy Director, MOST

Managing Large Scale CCS: A supplier Industry’s Perspective
Ms. Liv Monica STUBHOLT, CEO of Aker Clean Carbon

China-Australia Co-operation on Geological Storage
Mr. Clinton FOSTER, Chief Scientist designate, Geoscience Australia

Insights from Canada on Experience with Large-Scale CCUS demonstrations
Mr. Marc D’IORIO, DG, Natural Resources Canada

Experiences to-date in Forging CCS into Reality - Government View
Ms. Tone SKOGEN, Chair, EU ZEP Government Group

Role of IFIs in Encouraging Deployment of CCUS
Mr. Ashok BHARGAVA, Director, Energy Division, ADB

Afternoon keynote
Co-chairs: XU Shisen & Keith BURNARD

Long-Term Options for Decarbonisation: Lessons from ZEP
Mr. Graeme SWEENEY, Chair, EU ZEP Advisory Council

Co-chairs: XU Shisen & Barbara MCKEE (Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, US DOE)

Overview on Knowledge Exchange Activities
Mr. Matthias FINKENRATH, Energy Analyst, CCS Unit, IEA

FutureGen: Legal, regulatory and Related Non-Technical Aspects
Mr. Ken HUMPHREYS, CEO, FutureGen

Mongstad Technology Centre: Operational Aspects of CCS Demonstration Plants
Mr. Olav Falk PEDERSEN, Technology Manager, Technology Centre Mongstad

GreenGen: Scaling-Up and Integrating CCS
Mr. XU Shisen, Head, Huaneng, Clean Energy Technology Research Institute

Porto Tolle CCS: Advantage of Integrating Technical Processes
Mr. Giancarlo BENELLI, Head, Technology Scouting, ENEL

Mountaineer CCS: Role of Regulation
Mr. Paul LOEFFELMAN, MD, Corporate External Affairs, AEP

Erdos CCS: Experience from Large-Scale Operation
Mr. CHEN Maoshan, General Manager Assistant, Shenhua Coal-to-liquid

Co-chairs: Bo DICZFALUSY &PENG Sizhen

Chairmen’s Opening Remarks and Input for Joint Discussion

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