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Legend: CBM = Coal Bed Methane; UG = Unconventional Gas

Units: billion cubic metres (bcm)

Source: Since for most countries no official statistics exist for the various types of unconventional gas, the numbers shown are estimates based on IEA analysis using data from Rystad Energy AS (2015), U.S. Energy Information Administration (2015) and Cedigaz (2014). IEA estimates are also based on National Energy Board (NEB) data from the energy market assessment “Canada’s Energy Future 2013 – Energy Supply and Demand Projections to 2035” published by the Government of Canada. These estimates were not produced in affiliation with, or with the endorsement of, the NEB.

Note: The demarcation between conventional and unconventional gas is not always clear cut, especially with respect to tight gas and conventional gas with reservoir stimulation. We classify tight gas as unconventional according to whether we consider that special production techniques, such as hydraulic fracturing, will be needed for its production. Coalbed methane and shale gas are categorised as unconventional gas in our definition.

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