Technology Collaboration Programme Webinars

The IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs) are international groups of experts that enable governments, industry and other entities from around the world to elad programmes and projects on a wide range of energy technologies and related issues. They operate under a framework created by the IEA and are part of the IEA's Energy Technology Network. The TCPs are offering training courses through online webinars.

DSM University

The ‘DSM University’ managed by the TCP for Demand-Side Management (DSM TCP), aims at providing information, cases, examples and motives for how DSM can be applied under different circumstances in terms of tradition, market and organisation. 

You can access directly the youtube videos through this link

ISGAN University

The ‘ISGAN Academy’, managed by the TCP on Smart Grids (ISGAN), is focused in offering a means of rational and efficient continuous technical skills complement and update in the field of smart grids.

You can access directly the youtube videos through this link


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