Energy Efficiency for Lighting, Appliances and Equipment

Sector Lead: Mark Ellis 

Over the past 30 years. Mr. Ellis has assisted governments in the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region on the development and implementation of energy efficiency policies, mainly in the field of appliances and equipment.

Between 2005-2008, He was a senior policy analyst for International Energy Agency and, since then he has been an Operating Agent for the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme for Energy Efficient End-Use Electrical Equipment (4E), involving 12 countries.

How can lighting, appliances and equipment contribute to overall energy efficiency while also improving quality of life in emerging economies? How can policy makers implement cost-effective energy efficiency policies, programmes and projects suited to a development context? The training programme covers international experience and good practices from across the world and provide knowledge, tools and skills on how to mainstream energy efficiency in lighting, appliances and equipment. The course includes engaging group discussions and exercises as well as a site visit. This course is aimed at professionals working in the energy efficiency field and focusing on lighting, appliances and equipment. 

Topics covered in the course:

  • Best practice energy efficiency policies and programmes including standards & labelling
  • Implementing energy efficiency projects and enabling market transformation
  • Developing suitable standards and testing procedures
  • Providing financing mechanisms and shaping market direction
  • Monitoring, verification, enforcement and evaluation of policies
  • Promotion and awareness of energy efficient lighting, appliances and equipment
  • Site visit