Energy Efficiency for Industry

Sector Lead: Vida Rozite

Independent consultant, Vida led the IEA's work on industrial energy efficiency from 2011 – 2015.

Before joining the IEA, She was an expert for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization on cleaner production and green industry working closely with emerging and developing economies.

Vida has also worked on energy related topics for Nordic Energy Research and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

What are the key opportunities for energy efficiency in Industry? How can these be captured in a cost-effective way, promoting growth and competitiveness? The course explores the drivers and available mechanisms to scale up energy efficiency in large, as well as small and medium enterprises. Some tried-and-tested approaches will be discussed in the context of emerging economies, together with hands-on activities on strategy developments and prioritisation.  

Topics covered in the course:

  • Good practice energy efficiency policy recommendations for Industry
  • Financial mechanisms for implementing energy efficiency in Industry
  • Tracking progress with energy efficiency in Industry and assessing impacts
  • Developing a policy and implementation framework
  • Technology transfer and support for smaller companies
  • Energy management and Energy Service Companies
  • Site Visit to Schneider Electric