Energy Statistics & Energy Efficiency Indicators Training for Middle East and North Africa Region, 20-23 October 2014


Theme Energy Statistics & Indicators
Title Energy Statistics & Energy Efficiency Indicators Training for Middle East and North Africa Countries
Dates 20-23 October, 2014
Venue Cairo, Egypt
Language English (no interpretation available)
Deadline The application deadline is 19 September, 2014
Participating countries Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia,                             United Arab Emirates, Yemen

The TARES Project (Technical Assistance to Support the reform of the Energy Sector in Egypt), funded by the European Union, together with the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) and the International Energy Agency (IEA), organizes a training course focusing on Energy Statistics and Energy Efficiency Indicators, with the objective to provide methods and tools to develop and maintain complete and accurate energy datasets and national energy balances, in order to develop sound energy policy and also to participate in the international energy dialogue. 


Registration to this course is by an open application (online) –  subject to availability of places and the following selection criteria:

  • Professional background: priority will be given  to applicants working in energy statistics, general statistics, and energy  analysis 
  • Sending institution: priority will be given to  applicants from the national statistics authority, energy ministry, national  energy agency, large energy sector companies

A good level of English language is required in order to benefit from  the course.

The application deadline is 19 September 2014.  We will notify applicants of the selection outcome in the coming weeks. 
Fees and financial assistance

The course itself will be offered free of charge.  However, participants must cover their own travel and accomodation costs (no financial assistance is available).


For specific inquiries about this course contact: 

Group size 30 people
Course Programme (summary)


  • Opening Session – Welcomes & introductions
  • Overview of IEA, TARES, RECREE
  • Introduction to national and international energy statistics - best practices
  • Overview of national energy statistics complilation methods
  • Annual Oil statistics



  • Monthly Oil statistics
  • Annual Gas statistics 
  • Monthly Gas statistics 
  • Coal statistics



  • Renewables statistics
  • Electricity and heat statistics
  • Checks and consistency in energy statistics
  • From basic statistics to Energy Balances



  • Developing Energy Efficiency indicators
  • Energy Efficiency monitoring
  • Sectoral Energy Efficiency monitoring
  • Discussion and conclusions
Event sponsors

 ‌With funding from the European Union

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