Energy Statistics Course, Paris, 6-10 October 2014

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Monday, 6 October 
Tuesday, 7 October
Wednesday, 8 October
Thursday, 9 October
Friday, 10 October

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Annual Questionnaires 
Energy Statistics Manual - English
IEA Publications
Country Balance Builder

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Monday, 6 October

Welcome address - Jean-Yves Garnier, Head of IEA Energy Data Centre
Introduction to Energy Statistics - Jean-Yves Garnier
Energy Statistics in France - Céline Rouquette (Deputy Director Energy Statistics Office - France)
National Energy Data Compilation Methods - Pierre Boileau ‌

Challenges in National Energy Data Collection: Country case studies 
Ghana Country Presentation
India Country Presentation
Kuwait Country Presentation
Namibia Country Presentation
Nepal Country Presentation
Niger Country Presentation

Coal statistics

Coal overview
Coal questionnaire 2013
Coal questionnaire instructions
Coal Exercises
Coal Exercises_1
Coal Exercises 1 - Answers
Coal Exercises 2
Coal Exercises 2 - Answers
Coal Exercises 3
Coal Exercises 3 - Answers


Tuesday, 7 October

Annual oil statistics

Annual oil overview
Annual oil questionnaire instructions
Annual Oil Questionnaire 2013
Annual Oil Exercises
Annual Oil Exercises - Answers
Annual Oil Exercise 1
Annual Oil Exercise 1 - Answers
Annual Oil Exercise 2
Annual Oil Exercise 2 - Answers

Annual gas statistics

Annual gas overview
Annual gas questionnaire instructions
Annual gas questionnaire 2013
Annual Gas Exercises - Word
Annual Gas Exercises - Excel
Annual Gas Exercises - Answers

Monthly oil statistics

Monthly oil overview
Monthly Oil Exercises Booklet
Monthly Oil Exercises - Word
Monthly Oil Exercises - Excel
Monthly oil exercises - answers in PDF
Monthly Oil Exercises - Answers in Excel 

Monthly gas statistics

Monthly gas overview
Monthly Gas Questionnaire
Monthly Gas Booklet
Monthly Gas Exercises
Monthly Gas Exercises - Answers
Monthly Gas Export


Wednesday, 8 October

Renewable statistics

Renewables statistics overview
Renewables statistics questionnaire instructions
Renewables statistics questionnaire 2013
Renewables Statistics Exercises - Excel
Renewables Statistics Exercise - Word
Renewables Statistics Exercises - Answers

Electricity and Heat statistics

Electricity and heat statistics overview
Electricity and heat questionnaire instructions
Electricity and heat questionnaire 2013
Electricity and Heat Exercises - Word
Electricity and Heat Statistics - Exercises 1-4
Electricity and Heat Statistics - Exercises 1-4 Answers
Electricity and Heat Statistics - Exercise 5
Electricity and Heat Statistics - Exercise 5 Answers

Easy access to IEA statistics: Beyond 20/20 files

Beyond 20/20 files overview
Beyond 20/20 files - quick start guide
Beyond 20/20 Files - Exercise

Checks and consistency in energy statistics

Checks and consistency overview
Checks and Consistency - Exercise
Checks and Consistency Exercise - Excel
Checks and Consistency Exercise - Answers


Thursday, 9 October

IEA database structure and energy data centre

Energy data & management centre overview
Energy Data & Management Center - Monthly Exercises
Energy Data & Management Center - Annual Exercises

Tracking energy prices

Tracking energy prices overview
Tracking Energy Prices - Word
Tracking Energy Prices - exercises excel
Tracking Energy Prices - Answers

From basic statistics to energy balances

Energy balances overview
Energy Balances - exercises introduction
Energy Balances - Exercises
Energy Balances - Answers
Energy Balances - Statisland
Energy Balances - Statisland Coal



Friday, 10 October

Preparing estimates of CO2 emissions

CO2 Emissions - Overview
CO2 Emissions - Exercises Word
CO2 Emissions - Exercises Excel
CO2 Emissions - Exercises Answers

Introduction to the manual on statistics for energy efficiency indicators

Manual on Statistics for Energy Efficiency Indicators - Overview


Introduction to the development of energy indicators

Development of Energy Indicators - Overview
Development of Energy Indicators - Exercises Introduction
Development of Energy Indicators - Exercises
Development of Energy Indicators - Exercises Answers




Annual Questionnaires


Coal Questionnaire 2013 - excel

Coal questionnaire 2013 - pdf

Coal Questionnaire Instructions

Coal Questionnaire - User Manual


Electricity & Heat

Electricity and Heat Questionnaire 2013 - excel

Electricity and Heat Statistics - Questionnaire 2013 - pdf

Electricity and Heat Statistics - Questionnaire Instructions

Electricity and Heat Statistics - Questionnaire Manual


Annual Gas Questionnaire 2013 - excel

Annual Gas Questionnaire - pdf

Annual Gas Questionnaire Instructions

Annual Gas Questionnaire - User Manual


Annual Oil Questionnaire 2013 -excel

Annual Oil Questionnaire 2013- pdf

‌Annual oil questionnaire instructions

Oil Questionnaire - User Manual


Renewables Statistics Questionnaire 2013 - excel

Renewables Questionnaire 2013 - pdf

Renewables Questionnaire Instructions

Renewables Questionnaire - User Manual


Energy Statistics Manuals IEA Publications  Country Balance Builder

Energy Statistics Manual - Arabic

Energy Statistics Manual - Chinese

Energy Statistics Manual - English

Energy Statistics Manual - French

Energy Statistics Manual - Indonesian

Energy Statistics Manual - Russian

Energy Statistics Manual - Spanish

Energy Statistics Manual - Turkish

Balances of Non-OECD Countries

Statistics of Non-OECD Countries

Balances of OECD Countries

Statistics of OECD Countries

CO2 Highlights

Coal Information

Electricity Information

Natural Gas Information

Oil Information

Renewables Information

Energy Prices & Taxes

Scoreboard 2011Scoreboard 2011


Balance Builder Australia

Balance Builder Azerbaijan

Balance Builder Belgium

Balance Builder Bulgaria

Balance Builder Chile

Balance Builder China

Balance Builder Croatia

Balance Builder Denmark

Balance Builder Germany

Balance Builder Ghana

Balance Builder Hungary

Balance Builder India

Balance Builder Indonesia

Balance Builder Israel

Balance Builder Korea

Balance Builder Kuwait

Balance Builder Namibia

Balance Builder Nepal

Balance Builder Nigeria

Balance Builder Nigeria

Balance Builder Tunisia

Balance Builder Philippines

Balance Builder Saudi Arabia

Balance Builder Turkey