Energy Statistics Course, Paris, 29 February - 4 March 2016



Monday 29 February

Introduction to Energy Statistics

Using Energy Statistics: the basics of energy balances

Challenges in National Energy Data Collection: 

Challenges in National Energy Data Collection: The Use of Administrative Data - Statistics Canada


Fundamentals of Energy Statistics: 

Fundamentals of Energy Statistics: Presentation  

Cheat Sheet 

Fundamentals of Energy Statistics: Exercises | Fundamentals of Energy Statistics: Answers

‌‌Coal Statistics: 

Annual Coal Questionnaire Overview

Annual Coal Questionnaire: Exercises

Exercise #1 | Exercise #2  | Exercise #3

Answers #1 | Answers #2  | Answers #3

Tuesday 1 March

Oil Statistics (Annual)

Annual Oil Questionnaire Overview

Annual Oil Questionnaire Overview: Exercises  | Answers 

Oil_1_User | Oil_1_AnswersOil_2_User |  Oil_2_Answers

Oil Statistics (Monthly)

Monthly Oil Statistics JODI Oil‌ 

Exercise Instructions  | JODI_Oil_Exercises | JODI_Oil_Answers  | JODI_Excel_Answers

Oil Data Collection in Canada - Natural Resources Canada

Gas Statistics (Annual) 

Annual Natural Gas Questionnaire Overview 

AQ_Gas_Instructions  | AQ_Gas_Exercises  | AQ_Gas_Answers

Gas Statistics (Monthly)

Monthly Gas Statistics JODI Gas 

MonthlyGas_Exercises  | MonthlyGas_Questionnaire  | MonthlyGas_Answer


Collecting Natural Gas Data at the National Level in the UK - Department of Energy and Climate Change

Wednesday 2 March

Collecting Renewables Data at the National Level: 

Renewables Statistics:

Annual Coal Questionnaire Overview

AQ_Renewables_Exercises  | AQ_Renewables_Exercises_Excel  | ‌

Collecting Electricity and Heat data at the national level: 

Electricity and Heat Statistics: 

Annual Electricity and Heat Questionnaire Overview


AQ_Electricity_Exercises_1_4 | AQ_Electricity_Answers_1_4 

AQ_Electricity_Exercises_5 | AQ_Electricity_Answers_5

Data Collection at the National Level:


IEA database structure and energy data management centre:

The Energy Data Management Centre & Database Structure

Thursday 3 March 

Checks and Consistency in Energy Statistics: 

Checks and Consistency in Energy Statistics

Exercises | Answers  

From Basic Statistics to Energy Balances:

Energy Balances Overview 

Exercises | Answers

Data Dissemination:

Data Dissemination



Tracking energy prices and taxes: 

Energy Prices and Taxes

Exercises | Answers

Tracking Energy Prices at the Austrian Energy Agency

Friday 4 March 


Preparing estimates of COemissions: 

The Use of Energy Statistics to Estimate CO2 Emissions

CO2_Exercises_Instructions | ‌ CO2_Exercises_Answers|  CO2_Exercises_Excel | CO2_Answers_Comments

Energy Efficiency Statistics: Introduction to the IEA Manuel: 

Energy Efficiency Indicators Data Energy Efficiency Indicators Data

Energy Efficiency Indicators: Fundamentals on Statistics

Energy Efficiency Indicators - Instructions Exercises Answers

Country Balance Builder

Balance Builder - Armenia

Balance Builder - Austria

Balance Builder - Cambodia

Balance Builder - Canada

Balance Builder - Chile

Balance Builder - DRC

Balance Builder - Egypt

Balance Builder - France

Balance Builder - Germany

Balance Builder - Ghana

Balance Builder - Hungary

Balance Builder - Indonesia

Balance Builder - Ireland

Balance Builder - Israel

Balance Builder - Malaysia

Balance Builder - Mozambique

Balance Builder - Peru

Balance Builder - Thailand

Balance Builder - Turkey

Balance Builder - UK


Energy Statistics Manuals

Energy Statistics Manual - Arabic

Energy Statistics Manual - Chinese

Energy Statistics Manual - English

Energy Statistics Manual - French

Energy Statistics Manual - German

Energy Statistics Manual - Indonesian

Energy Statistics Manual - Russian

Energy Statistics Manual - Spanish

Energy Statistics Manual - Turkish