Our latest modelling sets out the important role of renewable energy in the future energy system. Over the longer term, we expect a huge scale up of renewables to decarbonise the power sector and improve energy access. Renewables are also likely to grow in other sectors to provide low-carbon heat and transport solutions.

Access our latest long-term analysis to gain insight into potential future scenarios for renewable energy globally.

World Energy Outlook

Since 1993, IEA's World Energy Outlook (WEO) has provided medium- to long-term energy projections using the World Energy Model (WEM). The model is a large-scale simulation model designed to replicate how energy markets function and is the principal tool used to generate detailed sector-by-sector and region-by region projections for the WEO scenarios. Updated each year, the WEO highlights recent trends in energy and energy policies.

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Energy Technology Perspectives Model

The IEA Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP) analysis offers a comprehensive, long-term view of energy system trends and technologies essential to meet goals for affordable, secure and low-carbon energy.

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