Natural gas

Natural gas supplies 22% of the energy used worldwide, and makes up nearly a quarter of electricity generation, as well as playing a crucial role as a feedstock for industry. Natural gas is a versatile fuel and its growth is linked in part to its environmental benefits relative to other fossil fuels, particularly for air quality as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

	Gas consumption growth, 2017-2023	Gas consumption growth, 2017-2023
China	123.9	
Middle East		80.4
North America		72.5
Other Asia Pacific		65.1
India		25.7
Africa		20.5
Latin America		16.5
Eurasia		-6.9
Europe		-11.4
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		"text":"Natural gas consumption growth, 2017-2023"
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Source: Market Report Series: Gas 2018

The natural gas market is becoming more globalized, driven by the availability of shale gas and the rising supplies of liquefied natural gas. As gas trade increases, so do the concerns about natural gas security, as a demand or supply shock in one region may now have repercussions in others.

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