IEA analysis shows that substantial opportunities to improve industrial energy efficiency exist. Overall potential energy savings in the industrial sector in 2010 amount to at least 26 EJ per year by 2030, or the current annual electricity consumption of the United States and China combined. 

Much of industry's energy efficiency potential can be captured through policies for promoting use and optimisation of energy-efficient industrial equipment and systems, and improving overall efficiency through energy management.

Energy Management Action Network (EMAK)

The Energy Management Action Network (EMAK) was established in 2009 to promote the improvement of industrial energy efficiency and energy savings in industry and the commercial sector. The primary objective of EMAK is to contribute to accelerated uptake of energy management practices and systems in industry and the commercial sector through creating platforms for sharing proven and innovative practices and facilitating capacity building. This includes creating opportunities for networks between policy makers and industry practitioners and establishing platforms to share best practices on policy frameworks, human resource development and on state-of-art management systems and practices.

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